Toshiba and Mitsubishi working on SCiB EV batteries

by admin on 29 July 2010

Toshiba has been working on its Super-Charge Ion Battery (SCiB) for some time now as it was first announced back in 2007.  They recently announced a tie-up with Mitsubishi Motors Corp (MMC) to develop batteries for electric vehicles.  While Toshiba's SCiB batteries have been seen in electric bicycles and motorcycles this would be the first use of the innovative new battery in other types of electric vehicles.  The biggest difference between Lithium-ion and Lithium-titinate (the chemical make-up of SCiB batteries) is speed of charge, a SCiB battery can be charged at up to 12C (twelve times capacity, 12A for a 1 Ah battery for example which would only take 5 minutes) where as most Lithium-Ion batteries have to be charged at 1C (1A for a 1Ah battery, taking 60 minutes).  For more information on SCiB see this brochure on Toshiba's website, also the SCiB website.