Autoblog drive the futuristic but mildly flawed Fisker Karma

by admin on 22 February 2011

The Fisker Karma is a sweeping four-door Sports GT in a similar vein to the Porsche Panamera, however the Karma is powered by two electric motors which are juiced from a lithium-ion battery pack which is subsequently 'topped up' when required (or in Sports mode) by a 2.0T petrol engine.  Forgetting the moustache styling (which will be love-it or hate-it) the rest of what the Karma offers is a bit complicated.  According to the Autoblog review that 2.0T engine kicks in to power the generator and give you some extra kW when you need it, apparently revving at will and sounding very odd indeed.  Other issues?  The  7.1 cubic feet of storage space for starters.  Click over to Autoblog to read the entire, enlightening article.