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by admin on 30 March 2011

In a surprise move Tesla Motors has announced that it is suing BBC's Top Gear TV show over its clearly biased test of the Tesla Roadster.  During the test which was shot in November 2008 and aired in December 2008 it was claimed that Top Gear only achieved a range of 55 miles and that footage of the car being pushed in a garage because it had run out of charge was falsified.  To make matters worse it's reported that Jeremy Clarkson wrote the "It's just a shame that in the real world it absolutely doesn't work." conclusion before the car had been tested.  The BBC has acknowledged the case but has yet to respond.  Not one to shy away from any kind of publicity (although IMHO damaging the credibility of its case) Tesla has even created a mini-site dedicated to its fight with Top Gear ( - now dead).  Having read the claim and compared it to what Top Gear showed it's pretty obvious that this was a biased piece and that Clarkson had lied to cover up some of the falsehoods. UPDATE 2/Apr/11: Top Gear's Andy Wilman has taken the unusual step of responding publicly (because as he puts it Tesla has 'been very busy promoting its side of the argument through the media.').More »

by admin on 15 January 2011

David Peilow, a keen Tesla enthusiast drove a borrowed Roadster Sport from Tesla's London to Edinburgh in a day.  Not only beating the BBC's Brian Milligan (who was attempting the same drive using a BMW Mini-E, in a clearly bias, ham-fisted manner) but doing so with no drama or issue.  Tesla are of course loving this and have today issued a press release denouncing the BBC's EV bias and celebrating David's drive (we'll forgive them for using the word 'Cyberspace', just this once).  It's worth noting that Milligan has now completed his 'Mini Adventure' without mentioning the Tesla's achievement in his wrap-up.More »

by admin on 10 January 2011

Not for the first time the BBC appear to be running another negative electric car story (to add to their growing portfolio of similar). In their latest pointless rubbish Brian Milligan decided to drive an electric car designed to be used in the city, the prototype BMW Mini-E which has a range of about 80 miles the 300 miles from London to Edinburgh.  Not only is this completely pointless but you have to wonder what the BBC expect to achieve from doing this other than "it took days, each charge took a full night!"  Milligan even admits as much "It is unfair in one sense, but surely fair in another: if the electric car really has come of age, won't potential owners want to know that if they wanted to, they could drive it from London to Manchester and back at the weekend, to see uncle and auntie?" Ok well, you're not driving to Manchester (that would be just 210 miles), nor is anyone claiming that electric cars have "come of age", proof of that surely must be that you're driving a prototype car.  What a waste of public money, anyone would think that those who make the decisions could have friends in the oil industry.  I can't help but agree with Robert Llwellyn.  UPDATE 13/Jan/11: Just to rub salt into the BBC's wounds Dave Peilow, a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum has made the same journey in a Tesla Roadster in just 18 hours.

Video of the start of the Tesla drive:

Rubbish electric cars - what are the BBC trying to prove?
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