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by admin on 11 October 2012

VW e-Scooter

According to a new report published by Pike Research the market for electric powered scooters will increase from its currently level of 12 million vehicles to 103 million by 2018.  The report goes on to state that almost 90% of these will be in China with cumulative sales of over 355 million units.  This is great news for the overall electrification of vehicles but could spell bad news for the enviornment as China's electricity production is primarily coal fired and notably "dirty" compared to plants in other countries.  Lets hope China can step up the generation of clean electrcity for that vast number of electric scooters. More »

by admin on 31 January 2012


The BOXX is an electric moped capable of 56 kph (35 mph) from its two driven wheels and has a range of 64 km (40 miles) on its standard battery or 128 km (80 miles) on an extended battery ($599 more).  It's just 1m square, weighs 54 kg and has some definite Alessi / Ikea inspiration in its quirky design.  The BOXX is (as you'd expect) packed with electronics; LCD screen, LED lights, traction control, anti-lock brakes.  Base price is $3,995 with options including a heated seat and 1-hour charger. It looks great (as in showroom / press release great) yet I just can't imagine anyone riding it in public (oddly BOXX haven't yet released any pictures of anyone actually riding one). More »