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by admin on 25 September 2012

Nissan Carla BailoThere's been quite a storm brewing among LEAF owners living in hotter climates that their batteries are suffering capacity loss which is beyond that which would be expected.  Nissan to their credit were very quick to pick up on this (in damage limitation mode) and took seven LEAF owners in the Phoenix area to their Arizona test facility where they tested each battery for capacity, voltage and even individual cell performance.  In an open letter to 'The LEAF community' Carla Bailo, SVP of R&D for Nissan Americas disclosed that the result of this testing was: The Nissan LEAFs inspected in Arizona are operating to specification and their battery capacity loss over time is consistent with their usage and operating environment. No battery defects were found. A small number of Nissan LEAF owners in Arizona are experiencing a greater than average battery capacity loss due to their unique usage cycle, which includes operating mileages that are higher than average in a high-temperature environment over a short period of time. To us the last part is perhaps the most important, it highlights that all EV manufacturers should be very careful when making claims about capacity and battery degradation and perhaps more clearly communicate the differences in environment and driving style / commute patterns. More »

by admin on 15 February 2012

Nissan Leaf

According to a set of service bulletins issued by Nissan North America a new software upgrade will soon be available for the Leaf which will among other things improve the range estimation (and charging time estimation) provided by the car.  Other improvements include a 'door open' alert if the car is in any drive mode other than Park, improved CARWINGS connectivity, improved ventilation and air-conditionining operation and improvements to the in-car information displays.  Best still is that these software updates can be applied at the owners home or place of work. More »

by admin on 30 January 2012

Nissan attempts to dispel cold weather EV myths

Nissan has conducted a 'LEAF Winter Test' in Shibetsu (Hokkaido) Japan, it invited several Japanese journalists to drive the LEAF in cold and snowy conditions to both demostrate the car's ability to cope with the cold temperatures as well as how it handles on snow.  As the cheif LEAF engineer points out in the video despite outside temperatures of -9 °C the battery pack is maintained at a normal 5 to 10 °C.  Click through for several more videos including interviews with the participants.  More »

by admin on 19 January 2012

Nissan e-NV200

Having been to Japan many times before I can atest that they really do have quite different taste in cars, which probably explains why the the e-NV200 Concept looks so (ahem) 'different'.  With that out of the way it's all good news, the e-NV200 basically has the underpinnings of a Leaf; a 80 kW electric motor and a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery (anywhere between 47 and 105 miles).  It also features a very nice looking driver console with two large LCD screens.  The e-NV200 quite obviously has lots of space inside, two foldable rows of seating and with them folded away lots and lots of cargo space.  Nissan are pitching the e-NV200 as a truly multi-purpose vehicle suitable for families, delivery and as a taxi.  Yes, this is basically the passenger version of the vehicle FedEx are trailing in London (there it's being called the NV200 EV and has a slightly prettier front end). More »

by admin on 22 December 2011

Nissan launch 'The Planet Zero' with cute Plug character, animation shorts

It's so Miyazaki meets Little Big Planet, The Planet Zero is Nissan's latest 'Zero Emissions' marketing campaign (aimed squarely at high school and college students) and spurred on by the catchline "Imagine if, in the not so distant future, we were living in a world where the cars being driven were mostly electric vehicles and didn't emit any harmful gases such as CO2".  On The Planet Zero you navigate a cute character called 'Plug' around the an imaginary planet filled with cute games designed to project an eco-friendly message (solar power, wind power, electric drive).  Along with the interactive site Nissan has also produced a couple of animation shorts to support their message.  Nice Nissan, we approve. More »

by admin on 22 December 2011

Nissan NV200 EV FedEx

The Nissan NV200 EV is effectively a Nissan Leaf drivetrain (and battery) with a larger chassis and body.  FedEx will be evaluating the NV200 EV in London alongside its other electric-powered delivery vehicles (totalling 43 in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Memphis).  The NV200 EV is already being used by Japan Post Service in Yokohama and Kanagawa prefectures.  Beth Galetti, vice president of Planning and Engineering, FedEx Express EMEA  said, "FedEx is proud to collaborate with Nissan on this initiative. Our cross-sector approach to reduce dependence on petroleum, reduce carbon impact and eliminate tailpipe emissions remains unwavering. At FedEx, we seek to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways and we will continue to work closely with Nissan to change what is possible." More »

by admin on 31 August 2011

Nissan's clever new Leaf TV spot - the new maintenance

One unarguable advantage of electric vehicles is mechanical simplicity and the massive reduction in moving parts. Nissan's new Leaf TV spot draws attention to this mechanical simplicity (in this case the Leaf) and the obvious reduction in maintenance, servicing and the chance of anything going wrong.  It's often difficult to explain but Nissan's ad does so in a visual and obvious way, just look at the number of parts it takes to keep a single internal combustion engine car on the road. More »

by admin on 6 August 2011

Top Gear Nissan Leaf push

For those who have seen it Top Gear's electric car piece (involving the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot Ion) was the oh-so-predictable bias journalism from a team who think that EV evangalists are all eco-warriers (we're not, by far) and they can be cool by bashing us.

The aim of the piece was to drive sixty miles to Cleethorpes, however unlike other distance / time races that Top Gear have produced previously they decided to drain the batteries of the Leaf and Ion before setting out to ensure that they would run out before getting to the destination and then use the opportunity to point out that there are no charging points in the city of Lincoln.  Not to point out the obvious but a bit like not filling up your car and then getting on a road which says "no filling stations for 80 miles".  Better still it turns out that when they got to their pre-planned "breakdown" they had to drive the Leaf around in circles until its battery was completely flat.  The clearest political slip-up by Clarkson was when he shouts "this is what is going to become of you all" from the window of the Leaf as its pushed down the road by May (photo above).  

The facts came out thanks to the telemetrics delivered by the Leaf back to Nissan.  Top Gear's executive producer Andy Wilman responded to Nissan's points and said they never intended to "test the range" of the cars, but at no point was this made clear to the viewer, all the way through the piece Clarkson and May are reporting the range remaining and showing (fake) "range anxiety" but at no point did either of them say "but of course we only started with 40% charge in our batteries".  

Top Gear has always had a mix of factual (and entertaining) testing and pure "larking around" entertainment, this piece blurred the line and topped it off with its own political agenda while decieving the public and damaging the image of electric vehicles.  Why does it matter?  Because Top Gear gets about 5 million viewers in the UK and tens of millions worldwide.  More »

by admin on 4 August 2011

Nissan Leaf Android appNissan Leaf Android appNissan Leaf Android app

Nine months (yes count them) after Nissan delivered their iPhone app for the Leaf they have finally also released the same app for the Android and Blackberry mobile platforms.  The Nissan Leaf mobile app allows owners to retrieve information about the charge status of their car as well as controlling the climate control system and charging. More »

by admin on 21 July 2011

Nissan Leaf

Nissan North America has revealed the 'model year 2012' Leaf which features several upgrades, a slightly higher price and will be available in new regions in the US.  The MY2012 Nissan Leaf will come as standard with cold weather features (battery warmer, heated steering wheel, heated seats front & rear) as well as DC fast charging for the 'SL' model which enables 30 minutes charging to 80% state from an 480V supply.  The new Leaf entry price will be US$35,200 with the SL costing $2,050 more, alternatively leasing begins at $369/month.  Finally those who have placed reservations in the following regions will now be able to place solid orders: "Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C." More »